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Find the latest news about MT 4:19's fundraising, governance, management, communications & social enterprise on this page.  Each week we will provide you with information to take action and/or learn more about the activities we are participating in, as it relates to our Mission Statement.

Here we go!

MT 4:19 is established

On February 4, 2017 we launched our website; stepping out in faith to fulfill the Great Commission posed by Jesus Christ in a unique way - through fishing.

Leadership Meeting

MT 4:19 leader meets with counsel

The week of February 6th, 2017 we will meet with local fishing guides and Men of Christ to discuss this year's agenda, goals and ask for a pledge of support.


MT 4:19 starts gathering resources

Mt 4:19 is in the process of establishing it's 501-C3 charitable organization designation; shortly thereafter we will be seeking funds to support outreach activities.